New To Hearing Loss: Cochlear Implants

Information on Cochlear Implant


Financial Assistance for Cochlear Implants

CNI Cochlear Implant Assistance Program

Colorado Neurological Institute Center for Hearing

701 East Hampden Ave., Suite 330

Englewood, CO  80113

Phone: 303-788-4010

Fax: 303-788-5469 



CNI Baha Assistance Program

TPA Scholarship Trust For The Hearing Impaired

The Travelers Protective Association of America

3755 Lindell Boulevard

St. Louis, Missouri  63108-3476

Phone: 314-371-0533

Fax: 314-371-0537


Website: (click on “Scholarship Trust" under Community tab)

How do I know if my insurance policy will cover the cost of cochlear implant?

Contact your employer’s Human Resources Benefits manager and/or your insurance company customer service representative.