Sign Language Interpreter & Captioning Referral Services

ASL Version

Since its inception in 1993, RICDHH has provided direct services by operating an American Sign Language Interpreter Referral Service throughout Rhode Island. The Captioning Referral Service was added to the program in 2010.

Using specialized knowledge and years of experience, our Interpreter Referral team will assist in referring qualified sign language interpreters and captioning providers to State government agencies, local government municipalities, private and non-profit businesses, healthcare providers, employers, K-12 schools, colleges, and colleges universities, law enforcement agencies, and many more places.

For the Sign Language Interpreters and Captioners interested working in Rhode Island, please click “Licensure & MPA” icon to review the checklist on how you can obtain the Interpreter of the Deaf state license and become a state vendor to provide your interpreting and captioning services in Rhode Island.

To make a sign language interpreter or captioning request, click “Requests” under Requests icon below or Quick Links (on the left side of the screen).