Emergency Interpreter Referral Service

The Emergency Interpreter Referral Service (EIRS) is available during RICDHH’s normal business hours, Mondays - Fridays, 8:30 AM – 4 PM. Please make your request by calling:

  • Voice: 401-222-5300
  • TTY: 401-222-5301
  • Videophone: 401-354-7630

For any emergencies. What constitutes as an emergency would be a state of emergency, medical, legal, mental health, and many other crisis-related incidents. This would enable every deaf or hard of hearing individual TO communicate through sign language in a timely, accurate and effective manner with healthcare providers, mental health services, police departments, or any emergency personnel during any emergency incidents as required by existing federal and state laws.

This EIRS service is for Rhode Island residents and business consumers within the State of Rhode Island.

The Emergency Interpreter Referral Service (EIRS) After Hours has been discounted.

Effective July 1, 2018, RICDHH no longer provides an EIRS after hours (from 4PM to 8:30AM). If you need a sign language interpreter and/or captioning service that is emergency-related, please do the following:

  • Service Requestors (Facilities provider): Click here for a Sign Language Interpreter Referral Services & Agencies list. Call them and see if they can send an emergency Interpreter to the site.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumer:  Please contact the Supervisor or Manager of the facilities where you are located (Fire, Legal, Hospital, Medical, Office, Police, Schools) to request a sign language interpreter.

For more information or support, please call RICDHH at

  • Voice: (401) 222-5300
  • Voice Business Cell: (401) 952-6217
  • Videophone: (401) 354-7630 (VP)
  • Email to cdhh.main@cdhh.ri.gov.